Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10 Thoughts I Have Daily

Come into my brain today. (confession: I originally typed "my brains" in that sentence.  I have only one brain.  If I had two, I'd be a lot smarter.)

Here are 10 things I think almost every single day.

1. I want an Oprah Chai from Starbucks.  I work basically behind a Starbucks.  Every day as I come and go, I have to will myself NOT to stop and get an Oprah Chai.  I feel ridiculous ordering it - "I'll have a grande skim Oprah, please."...but it's SO good.

2. What snacks are in my desk? I like to snack.  I keep snacks in my desk so I don't buy from the vending machine.

3. How much water have I had today? I try to drink 80-100 ounces each day.  So as I fill up my water bottle or get another glass, I try and total up my ounces in my head.  But I'm bad at math, so it's a crapshoot.

4. What's that noise? My house makes weird noises.  The ice maker, some critter outside, something beeping.  I basically am always trying to track down the source of a noise.

5. STOP BITING YOUR NAILS. It's a daily struggle.

6. I need to organize my closet. Also a daily struggle.

7. I need to hire a maid. When I see something that needs to be done (baseboards are dusty, floors are dirty, etc.) and I either don't want to do it/don't have time...I think "I'd rather pay someone."

8. I'd rather be napping. Always.  I love to nap.  Unless I'm at a Hanson concert, I'm probably thinking I'd rather be napping.  So cozy in my bed.

9. I'm so blessed. Truth.  I think this daily whether I'm thinking about my awesome coworkers, my great car, my awesome family, or any number of things.

10. I want a bunny. Every day.  I want a snuggly bunny.  I would love it forever.

What do you think everyday?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Where the Wild Things Are

At the end of deer season last year, Tyler bought a couple of wildlife cameras. You attach them to a tree and they take picture when movement is detected.  Mostly, it's pictures of leaves blowing or the neighborhood cat.  But you do get some pictures of the wildlife around.  Right now, we have one camera on the back corner of our property, and one down the street at the farm where he hunts. 

These are some fun pictures he's gotten so far.

Back in March, we saw a BUNCH of deer feeding at night.

And this fun raccoon who appears to be walking upright. 

Eek!  A coyote!  Where is the roadrunner?  

THE SCARIEST thing yet has to be this bobcat.  It's BIG.  Compared to other pictures we have on the camera from this angle, Tyler thinks this thing could be 4 feet long. And let me remind you, this is less than a mile from our house at 4 p.m.  I'm rethinking that walk around the neighborhood. 

At the back of our property, we've seen a couple bucks.  During the summer, they regrow their horns (did you know that they shed their horns each year?  I didn't!) We actually saw these two guys in person this weekend while we were switching out the camera cards.  It was neat!  

And this sweet picture is a momma and her baby. I love those spotted fawns.  So sweet.

It's fun and sort of scary to see what's running around that we wouldn't otherwise see!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Recap: Rodeo, Lake, and Farm

Going into this weekend, we didn't have many plans....but we managed to have some pretty fun adventures!

Friday, I was still in town after work at the grocery store, and Tyler called.  "Want to go to the rodeo over in Poteau?  I have free tickets."  DONE. So I rushed home, put on a sweatshirt (because it was a CRAZY 70ish degrees IN JULY. IN ARKANSAS.).  

We had THE BEST tacos at this little place in Poteau (it's one of my faves...and totally worth driving 30 minutes for!)...and then hit up the rodeo.

Side note: I remember going to one rodeo in high school (because I remember buying a plaid shirt to wear! ha!) but I was so enamored with the boy I was crushing on, that I literally don't remember ANYTHING about the I'm counting Friday's as my first rodeo.
Bucking broncos.

Me and my "cowboy."  More on that later.

Outside the stadium, there was a ring toss game where you could win a bunny. Y'all.  I LOVE BUNNIES AND WANT ONE SO BAD.  Tyler knows this.  Anyone who follows me on Pinterest knows this (I have a whole board devoted to bunnies).  He spent $7 trying to win me a bunny and we came home empty handed.
Saturday morning, I was up early meeting a bunch of awesome ladies at the church bright and early.  We headed north to Lake Fort Smith for a women's outdoor ministry boating day.  It was a chilly 60 degrees when we we are bundled up on the boat...but it was BEAUTIFUL.

Look at these awesome women!  25 great ladies from my church. 

Lake Fort Smith is in this gorgeous valley. 

There are some neat sheer rock sides to the lake. That's a vulture chilling on the rock face.
After our boat ride (which was led by a guy named Ranger Joe - Full House anyone?!), we had a picnic and played on the playground.  Our leader Renee got some fun pictures of us ladies acting like little kids. 
Five women and a teenager on one slide!

Sunday I was in the nursery with the 2-3 year olds...and then we had lunch and headed to Grandpas.  We fed the fish, check out the new baby calves, shot the guns, and the funniest was watching Tyler and Brad rope a calf! 
That's right!  Grandpa had a calf that needed to be caught...and they took off in the Razor to get the calf.  They actually got him after about 5 minutes or so....but sadly Brad tore some ligaments in his thumb when the rope got caught as he lassoed the calf (things I never thought I'd blog about).

We had a GREAT weekend with lots of fun, family time, and some adventures. Too much fun.

How was your weekend? Have you ever been to a rodeo?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Confessional Friday

Step into the confessional booth kiddos...these are my weekly confessions!

I confess I may have worked out this week in order to eat. :)  Monday evening I had a hankering for strawberry cake, so I made a mug cake.  And then I went on a walk so I didn't feel too guilty about it.  I also did Piyo this morning (I'm LOVING Piyo, btw) so I could eat a bagel for breakfast. #balance

I confess my home feels like my home again.  My Father in Law has been living with us for just over a month.  He lives in a camper trailer, and he totaled while it was being fixed, he was living with us.  I'm happy to open my home up to him, but there is just something about having a house guest for that my house feels "normal" again now that he's moved out.

I confess that I'm buying cherries today.  I won a cherry pitter prize pack (including a sweet hat, shirt, and water bottle too!) from a Twitter I must buy cherries to use my new cherry pitter.

I confess that I spent a bit too much on some foundation.  I got a sample of Hourlgass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation in a Sephora order...and I was SOLD.  That stuff stayed put ALL day and I never got oily looking.'s $55 a bottle.  I ordered it and can't wait for it to be here today.

I confess that I'm thankful for all of this cooler weather and rain.  It's much better than our 100+ degree summers.  I can't wait to go for a walk/run tonight in the cool air.

I confess that we are taking a little weekend getaway in a couple weeks since we had to cancel our Vegas trip.  And I realize I thrive on planning/looking forward to stuff.  Even though the getaway is just to NWA where we used to live, I'm having a blast making plans and coming up with fun things to do and places to eat. :)

I confess I'm SO happy it's the weekend!

Hope you have a great one!  Anything you need to confess today?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Swimsuit Obsession

Ok, so I don't really have the typical "bikini body" but I don't care....I have a complete swimsuit obsession.

This started growing up when we lived on the lake AND had a pool, so I basically wore swimsuits on the daily.

I don't have quite the water access anymore, but I do find myself in the lake often.

I still have a swimsuit obsession.

Here are a few I've ordered this season.  Sorry not sorry.  I love a good swimsuit.  I've gotten good deals on these- like from Rue La La or Zulily.  I will post the link if I can find the suit for sale (since I bought most of these in flash sales) and the suit style so maybe you can search online and find a similar one for sale. 

I love the pattern on this...and the high neck.  Big busted ladies who want to be modest LOVE a good high neck swimsuit! :)

Simply Be Magicscuplt Suit

It's hard to tell, but this one is crochet in the! :)
Laundry by Shelli Segal — Neo Pink Lace Shirred One-Piece

This is SO cute.  The peplum tankini top is adorable. 

Fit 4 U — Twilight Fit 4 Ur Hips Peplum Tankini

And I just ordered this one today.  Sheer and a love!
Aquabelle Black Tropiculture Sheer Skirted One-Piece

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sharing through the Sadness

Today, my friend Jenna is going to be sharing with you about her blogging journey.  Jenna and I went to OBU together, but besides living down the hall from one another, we weren't really good friends.  However, now that we both blog, we have followed each other's journeys.  Jenna is sharing her blogging story, and I love that she is sharing the good and the hurt.

Hello there! I am Jenna from Choosing Joy and I am so excited that Brittney is allowing me to share a little bit of my story on her little corner of the internet today!

So I guess I will start with a little bit about me. I am a 27 year old Pediatric RN recently turned stay at home mom from Bentonville, Arkansas. I am married to my Junior High Sweetheart, Bryan, and we have two little boys, Hudson (who is just shy of 4) and Rhett (17 months). I’ve been blogging since I found out that I was pregnant with Hudson (almost FIVE years ago) and it started as a journal to share pictures with friends and family who didn’t live close, over the years it has grown quite a bit and has evolved to be more than just a journal.

I blog a lot about my kids and my obsession with cloth diapering and I've recently started Weight Watchers and have been blogging about weight loss and my journey to get fit and be healthy. I have lost 12 lbs of my goal of 64 lbs so far and I am so proud and excited about my progress. Brittney has really encouraged me with her weight loss story. My workout of choice is running but I've also started PiYo in the past few weeks and it is hardcore! But I blog about some serious stuff too…

Which leads me to last December when my Mother-in-law, Janet (who was blogging here about her journey), ultimately won her battle with Ovarian Cancer at 51 years old when she joined Jesus in His throne room but left her loved ones here on Earth. Way before I fell in love with her son, Janet was a mentor to me. She was way more than a Mother-in-law, but basically my second mother. I have taken her death (along with my whole family) pretty hard. So since losing her, my blog has become a place where I talk about how our family is coping with our loss. It has been a very hard six months for our family but I have found so much support through the blogging community. 

I am blessed beyond measure by God’s goodness and grace in my life. My one hope through blogging is that I can inspire someone like I have been inspired by so many others. Since losing Janet, joy has been a choice that I have had to make many days. Sure I still feel sad and miss her. I hate thinking about living life without her, especially for my little boys, but the Bible promises us that “sorrow will last for a moment, but joy comes in the morning”. Thanks so much to Brittney for letting me share a little bit about who I am and I would love to have you hop over to my blog and join me on my journey of choosing joy!


Thanks for sharing your story, Jenna!  Go check out her blog Choosing Joy.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Words of Affirmation

One of my love languages is words of affirmation.  I love to hear how you feel about me.  Calling me your "best friend" or telling me something I do well makes me feel appreciated.

I know this is HUGE in my relationships, but I only recently started to value positive affirmations in my weight loss/body acceptance/happiness/peace journey.  

I have tried to stop myself when I feel critical.  Instead of saying " huge thighs don't fit into these jeans.  I'm just too fat to buy clothes in this store."...I've started saying "These jeans don't fit.  They aren't flattering but I'll find a better pair somewhere else."  Just spinning the negative.

I am also trying to be kind to myself.  When I notice a positive change "Oooh my arms are looking a little slimmer.  They look stronger.  Those tricep pushups in Piyo are making a difference"  I allow myself to relish that.  I want to swim in those positive thoughts. 

Because you know what?  I'm the only one talking badly about my body.  No one else cares.  No one else looks at me and thinks "ugh...those big fat ugly arms...she should NEVER wear a tank top.  I'm offended at her fat arms in her sleeveless shirt."  No one sees me in shorts and loses their appetite.  It's just me.  So I'm working to change that mindset.

I laughed when I got an Amazon order in.  I ordered hair gel for Tyler (of all things) and it came in this cute little makeup pouch.  "You look skinny today."  Why thanks, Paul Mitchell makeup pouch, I think so too.