Tuesday, November 6, 2012


What a wonderful Monday I had yesterday!

A great day at work...followed by a GREAT talk with one of my best friends, Amanda...and then I went to the park to run.

I am doing a 5k Sunday (weather permitting...please pray it doesn't rain Sunday...I REALLY want to run!)...so I've been training. 

And at the park yesterday, I had a breakthrough. Running was still physically tough, but my mental block was gone. That was an answered prayer!  I had prayed for my mental "just give up" to go away...and it did! 

The track around the park is 1.5 miles.  I started off with a few minute warm up walk, the started running.  I ran the whole first .75 miles straight and then had to walk for a minute or so.  Then I ran. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath...but when I got back to my car after lap 2, I had ran 2.88 miles (3 total with my warmup walk).  I decided to push through and keep running until I got to 3.1 (a 5k).  And I made it!!

Here is my RunKeeper summary!  11:50 min/mile pace...at a total of 36:46!!

It was cold (66 when I started and 56 degrees when I quit running) and windy.  I had to do the blow-your-nose-on-the-go (no shame when running) and just blow snot on the ground while running.  My ears were numb...but I felt awesome!

It was the fasted and farthest I have ever run.  I am still not able to run it 100% without stopping, but I think keeping it under a 12 min/mile pace is great! 

The 5k on Sunday is pretty hilly (in fact the whole second half is uphill) so I'm only aiming for under a 40 minute time Sunday.  But I think I can do it! Especially after that run!

Tyler was hunting last night.  They didn't see any deer...but I know he enjoys spending time with his uncle whether or not they bring home a buck.

So while he was gone, I cleaned like a madwoman.  I steam-cleaned our bathrooms, and then I dusted the baseboards.  It is so unlike me to clean when I could be vegging on the couch watching Bravo. :)


  1. Good job girlfriend! You can do it! And you look soooo good!!!

    Wish I could be there Sunday cheering you on and holding up a giant sign with your name on it! But I'll be there in spirit! *wink*

    1. Aw thanks! I just hope it doesn't rain! I'll imagine your giant sign. It would have glitter, right? ;)

    2. Glitter, sequins AND animal print! You betcha! ;)

  2. Way to go! Go get 'em this weekend!

    1. Thanks Kim! Can't wait to give you guys a full report!


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