Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Recap and a WINNER!

First off, my giveaway has ended...and out of the 90 entries, we have our two winners!
Kim from The Made Thing and Michelle Pickett!  Woohoo!  I will be emailing you both today!
Next, on to the weekend recap!

I'm guest posting over at Everyday Atchley's today!  Check it out

The weekend was pretty laid-back.  Friday we did a bit more Black Friday shopping. I got some STEALS at Lifeway!  Madisa's Christmas cd and Ann Voskamp's book!
Then we came home and decorated the Christmas tree.  I LOVE mom's tree.  It is on a rotating base, so it spins.  So pretty!

While we decorated, Tyler watched the Greenwood football game.  They were in the semi-finals for the state title...and it was a close game.  But Greenwood won!  We are going to state next weekend! I love that our team broadcasts home games online.  Very convenient!

Saturday, we did a little more shopping, ate lunch, and then we went to the shooting range.  Dad didn't shoot, but he tagged along! ha!
I am a bit out of practice with my revolver.  I mean, it's been like 4 years since I shot it.  But I did hit the bullseye!  Mom did pretty good, too!

We went out to eat at the Wharf afterwards and had a great seafood dinner.

Sunday, I sang at church.  It was a bit of a disaster morning.  I overheated trying to get ready in my little bathroom and almost passed out, had a good cry (more on that later), and then I left early to sing at church.  My car was out of gas, so I stopped at the station. I realized that mom still had my wallet.  I called everyone, and no one answered.  I didn't really have enough time to go home, get my wallet, come back, fill up, and make it to church (but would have been ok if mom met me...then I would have driven her car while she filled up and went home to get ready)....but NO ONE ANSWERED MY CALL.  I sat in my car crying and a stranger saw me and gave me $10.  So I made it to church.

Tyler filmed part of my song.  I'm not sharing this as a "look at me" thing.  I love this song and the message and want to share it.

A couple times, as I was looking around the room, I saw people from my "home" church and it moved me to tears. I saw a family who lost their daughter to brain cancer.  I saw a lady who was recently widowed.  I had to choke back tears a couple times while I was singing.  But man, it was good to be in my first church home.
We had lunch at home with the whole family, then I took a nap, and we came back home.

My Gram went back in the hospital last night.  She is having trouble walking, and they thought she had a stroke...but now they are thinking it might be circulatory issues.  Please pray.  I should have some updates in the next day or so.

Hope you all had a GREAT turkey day weekend!


  1. Sometimes when we try to do things for the Lord, satan tries to get in the way doesn't he? You have a lovely voice. That exact song was a special at my church yesterday as well. Love it.

  2. You sing soooo beautifully! Love that song!

    Keeping your Gram in my prayers...


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