Friday, January 11, 2013

Barkbox Review! Klout Perk!

So, I use Klout.  I don't know what to do there, really....except check my Klout score.  Klout measures your digital influence.  Sometimes, they offer you perks for being an influencer.  I have gotten several discount codes, but nothing "free" yet.  However, I was offered a free Barkbox.  I jumped on the opportunity because I knew Mikey would LOVE it!

I wasn't asked to review this box...I just got it for my Klout score...but I want to share it with you all. Some of you doggie lovers may be interested.

I get Birchbox (which is beauty samples that come right to my mailbox every month) but Barkbox is doggie stuff!

The box looked like this when I got it.

Inside there was quite a mess, frankly.  I had these little blue paper strands everywhere by the time I was finished.

Inside were these gourmet dog treats.  They are all natural and made with pumpkin and cranberries. Mikey seems to like them.

There was also this oatmeal shampoo sample.  Smells good. It made his fur pretty soft, and I can imagine the oatmeal helped with some winter dryness.

And the craziest item was this red velvet doggie cake mix!  I can't wait to make Mikey some cupcakes!

And there was also this adorable organic cotton moose.

Mikey likes it! :)

While we did enjoy our sample, I probably won't be signing up for Barkbox.  Mikey has a sensitive stomach, so I hesitate to get too many treats and new foods for him.  And he has PLENTY of toys.  But it is pretty neat way to sample some doggie stuff!


  1. Okay, this is pretty cool! My Priscilla is a picky eater, but I'm thinking she would love some red velvet cupcakes! Heck, her MAMA would love some red velvet cupcakes! Ha!

    Have a blessed day my friend!

  2. What a sweet little moose for Mikey! I have never heard of Barkbox--very cool!


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