Thursday, January 17, 2013

Carnival Conquest Review- Fun On Board!

We took the Carnival Conquest from New Orleans to Key West and Freeport and Nassau Bahamas.  I went on this boat years ago, but they have really spruced it up.  It was a great boat with lots of fun!

We had three sea days (Day 1 and Day 5 & 6).  I didn't take a ton of pics on board, but here are some of the highlights:

  • The food.  They have really stepped it up.  They put a Guy's Burger Joint on the Lido deck that had THE BEST burgers.  And they also added a Blue Iguana Burrito Bar with awesome burritos and tacos.  The Lido Deck buffet was also spruced up with some great food.  I ate an average of two strawberry froyo cones each day. :)  
  • The comedy.  We LOVE live comedy and we really enjoyed the comedy club.  They have rebranded their comedy club with George Lopez.  We enjoyed the "Punchliner" club at night.  They had 4 nights of comedy onboard and we saw every show.  
  • They also offered a "Punchliner Comedy Brunch" on the sea days.  It was AWESOME.  The comedy was just a 5-10 show on the hour, but the comedy brunch had a GREAT menu.  We had filet and eggs, a breakfast quesadilla, churros, and my favorite was the "funny french toast" covered in Fruit Loops!
  • The shows.  The shows have really improved.  We saw all the shows onboard and loved each one!  They had a one-man rock show that was AWESOME.
  • The entertainment.  On board, the musicians were super talented.  They had a couple acoustic guitarists playing on the Lido Deck at night...DJS mixing tunes during the day...a great karaoke was so good. They also had a giant LCD screen on the Lido Deck where they played movies and sporting events.  Really neat.

During the days, we played putt-putt on top...

 We went down the water slide...

We watched the sunset...

We ate WAY to much amazing food...sushi, chocolate melting cakes, tons of shrimp, lobster, steak, and other awesome food...

We danced at dinner with our new friends...

We danced on the Lido Deck with lots of new friends...

We had couples massages (and I had a facial) that were AMAZING.

We played roulette in the casino...

We went to a couple art auctions (makes me feel so ritzy!)...

We enjoyed the Captain's party...

We got fancy for a couple formal nights...

We laughed at the towel animals...

And just had a great time.  I love the days at sea.  There is so much to do on board.  We also took some epic naps that I never would have done before (because of my FOMO- fear of missing out).

The Captain's Party for return cruisers was awesome too.  Let's just say I had a couple more adult beverages than normal (I usually have one margarita or one glass of wine) and I was super fun that evening. :)  But it's have to have a little fun!

Tomorrow I'll start to show you the awesome ports we went to!


  1. Fun, fun, fun! You are looking great in your "fancy" dresses!

  2. You just know I have to say it...

    I would wrestle you for all that good food! Especially the french toast with the fruit loops! Looks so delish! Who'da thunk it???

    Still loving your sequined dress! You look amazing girlie!

    And I need your husband to talk to my husband... because two things my man refuses to do are go on a cruise and get a massage! He's a fun killer. Waaaahhh!

    Can't wait to read about your stops!

    1. I had seen cereal covered french toast on the Food Network before...I was so glad to try it. They had a couple other versions, with frosted flakes or cheerios...but who wants those? Fruit Loops was TOTALLY the right choice.

      We LOOOOOOVE cruises. It was Tyler's first massage, but now he is sold. I think I'm going to get us a couple's massage for our anniversary in March.

  3. Replies
    1. :) I LOVE cruising. Do I hear a honeymoon cruise for you?

    2. We are looking into it! Brandon wanted to initially, but I kinda shot him down. But since looking at your pictures, I forget how much I LOVED the Carnival cruise I went on in 2010! So we're researching. Did yall set it up through their website? Or go through a travel agent? We wouldn't be going til late July/early August.

    3. We just did it through them. I actually prefer calling to reserve. I have found they can walk me through some decisions with more information. I spent about an hour on the phone booking the whole thing. They helped me choose where our room would be (I recommend far away from the engine...and bottom of the boat- its less affected by the waves) to which dinner seating we would have. Just make sure that isn't hurricane season! You wouldn't want to get canceled or rerouted because of that!

  4. I've never been on a cruise, but am seriously thinking that I need to go!! Also your make-up looks so great. What brand do you typically use? (random, I know)

    1. That's a great question! I will do a blog post on that next week! Thanks!


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