Thursday, January 3, 2013

What is Zumba Toning?

I’ve mentioned before that I am licensed in Zumba Toning, but I realized I never really explained what it is! So here goes…  

Zumba Toning is what we call a Zumba specialty. It is a form of Zumba that adds in light weights, about 1-3 pound weights. Many people use the Zumba Toning sticks for their weights.  They shake like maracas! 
Me with Zumba Toning sticks

Zumba Toning is taught by licensed Zumba instructors who have not only taken the basic Zumba training, but have also completed a training in Zumba Toning.

A Zumba Toning is a lot like a Zumba class.  It is fun, dancing, and uses international music…but you will be using weights and doing a few more “traditional” fitness moves to incorporate the weights.

Here is a sample video of Zumba Toning.

 It is great for toning and strength training! The repetition of the movement is perfect for light toning. I love Zumba Toning.  Find a class online at


  1. Ok so I would really like to do Zumba but with my working an hour away from where I live there aren't any classes that really fit my schedule. So, I've considered buying the dvds but they are just so expensive and I want to know that I'm going to use it before making such a commitment! Do you know if the dvds ever go on sale?

  2. They don't really ever go on sale...but if you click the ad on the side of my page, you can get 10% off! That makes the cheaper set like $55! The video games are good if you have a game system I would check into that. You can also check out some videos online. I have a post about Zumba on Youtube you should check out.


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