Friday, February 1, 2013

Mini Family Reunion

On Wednesday, my house was invaded.  But it was a good invasion.

My sisters flew into town to hang out with Dad this on Wednesday, they all trekked to our house. Mom, Dad, my two sisters, brother, sis-in-law...and my aunt and uncle met them at my house.

We celebrated Dad's birthday with some cake...
Happy 77th Dad!

Visited, told stories, laughed....
Me and my SIL, Penny.  She is laughing her way through breast cancer (and beating it like a boss).  

Mom, Dad, and Me

Aunt Bobby and Uncle Jerry brought Dad a 9 foot cotton sack.  Daddy used to pick cotton, and he said as a kid he could carry a 12 foot sack!  They would pick cotton and fill up these HUGE sacks.  Crazy!

I haven't seen my sisters since our wedding (almost 3 years ago) and it was about 1.5 years since I had seen Aunt Bobby.  It was FABULOUS to all be together again.
  My siblings are "half siblings" as we are all only related by my dad (he had 4 marriages...and a kid in each one!), but we share so many common threads and memories.  It is fun to get together.
Brother (Roy), me, Dad, Paula, Aunt Bobby, and Christie

They are all much closer in age, so they are a bit closer to one another....I'm the bratty kid sister that came along when they were teens and adults! ha! 
Dad with his kids- oldest to youngest.

But we love each other just the same. 
The whole family!

I am so blessed by my family!


  1. Okay, this is cool... my daddy grew up pickin' cotton, too! How neat! That sack is incredible!

    You have a beautiful family! Happy belated birthday wishes to your Dad!

  2. Super neat about the cotton sack! I've never seen one before, except in old photos.


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